Are Monkchers still a viable class?


12 Ranger 6 monk and 2 rogue build that seems to be weak in DPS. Burst DMG is great, but in raids like Shavarath with all the orange nameds and little to no real DPS other than many shot bursts every 70 seconds or 10K stars the DPS to take them down does not seem to be there. I have several hearts and would like to do a rebuild and remain bow ranged if it is still feasible. 

With armor up and the recent love that xbows have gotten monkchers have fallen behind, but there is hope with the ranger pass coming up.

A multitasker-optimizer can do some melee on 10k/manyshot cooldowns and do ok. When going full bow, optimize up time. A good rotation is 10k/MS/10sec down/10k/30 sec down. Don’t be overly conservative with your MS timer or you are killing your dps. Sniper shot is also really nice to have for boosts.

I don’t know if you are running Fury or LD style or AA or DWS.

If you are doing a AA fury shot build, then yes regular dps is going to be lame and burst dps insane. Sniper shot is great to work in on epic moments and adrenaline shots on champs.

For a more even dps profile, DWS in LD is an option though it is harder to blitz with a bow than swf/twf/repeater. For a small boost on boss dps you get more stacks of archer’s focus in DWS.

Didn’t really address shiradi here as crowd control is not generally an issue these days, is a huge loss of red name dps, and casters do it better.

I would hold off until the ranger pass on using a heart. You can play with enhancements and EDs and possibly find a fit you like in the meantime. After the ranger pass, you’ll know if you need to shelf your monkcher or if it will be fun again.

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