Planning a TR

Don’t do it when you’re tired!!! Especially to an iconic where you may mess up 15 levels and be locked in to leveling to cap.

Have your stats and feats mapped out before you reincarnate. Make sure you have the stats and BAB for the feats you want at the level you plan to take. This step is mostly taken care of if using a guide.

Get your stuff ready:

Greensteel: Starter greensteel setup is a hit point item and a triple positive weapon. If you have a cleansed hp item, next would be a concordant-opposition with stacking spell points and some skill boosts (an easy build is +4 exceptional int skills and +6 exceptional cha skills for trapping and umd/diplo/bluff/etc). I you have ingredients but not a cleanser and want a second weapon, I’d go with a lit2, triple fire, or if planning multiple TRs over varying builds another trip pos of a different type. Consider base weapon type if doing multiple TR’s, might want to start with something that is versatile.

Hero plate from mirror darkly keeps a high AC when deconned for crafting. (not the docent or robes/outfit)

A spare collapsed portable hole (GH favor/etc)

Ioun stones: offered on x3 runs of dreaming dark. Pale lavender and a vibrant purple would be favorite two. Needs to be upgraded before you TR.

Gift of the master. Voice + mantle + 5 greater tokens of the twelve in the epic altar makes an ML1 colorless augment that grants the 5% xp bonus from the voice/mantle (not the true seeing though). This is BTC, but a bta item will remain bta similar to cannith crafting (below).

Another voice and mantle for true seeing swap.

Skill swaps for a trapper.

Carnifex. It’s an ML4 axe with expanded threat and keen, so it crits on 17-20 with x3 and has a d12(w). Comes from Delera’s chain reward.

For a swashbuckler or twf, great options are sky pirate dagger and tiefling assassin’s blade. Both are ML4 and come from heroic 3 barrel wilderness.

XP gems are your friend. Save these from your daily Silver Rolls and weekly Gold rolls. By the time you TR you should have enough to get you to level 3 or more. this sets you up to move into the fast lane through Korthos and the level 2 harbor quests. This is important because of guild pots and scrolls that are not available at level one. Put them on a mule toon and pull them out when you TR.

Cannith Crafting is a lowbie’s friend, and a lot of these are used over many lives. Can be made on bta base items and the crafted item will be bta. Bta blanks can be found by running low level chain rewards like tangleroot and stk, as well as sharn and fens quests.

ML:1 alacrity item.

ML:1 detect doors item

weapon of choice: staff, rxbow, khopesh, etc. Including such things as bleed/slice, undead bane, and pure good/holy (for delera’s).

twilight/greater twilight armors for casters (hero plate)

Cannith crafting has changed, it’s no longer the lowbie’s friend it’s good at all levels… but some of those amazing lowbie effects are gone and the crafting costs are much higher.

Big losses include alacrity items and fort items, which now scale and are much higher level to hit previous amounts and the total loss of greater twilight.

One great change is that it’s all BTA so you don’t have to hunt those special blanks.

Most effects outpace all named items not from the newest content.


6 thoughts on “Planning a TR

    1. There is more benefit to tr after 28 as you can get both an Epic Past life and a Heroic past life in, but if not interested in epic past you can any time after 20. If you are iconic you have to be 28. See the TR Heart guide for how to do this.


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