TR Quick Levelling Quest Guide

See our updated TR guide here

Also for questions about hearts and different reincarnations see here.

Here is a quest progression for fast tracking a TR back to 20.

Starting Points: Always maintain Bravery Bonus. Bank levels as much as possible or needed to maintain BB. A Greater Tome of Learning should be the first item bought for your TR toon from the store. Hopefully you saved all of your xp gems from your last life’s daily rolls. Optionals are just that, optional. If the point is to level to 20 quickly then unfortunately most are just not worth it. The list and progression is not exact, depending on different factors such as VIP/Free to play , xp pots, etc. you may end up taking a level before or after the progression. Avoid the trap of re gearing after every level. Have your gear ready and focus on going from quest to quest and only going to ship after your times runs down far enough to reduce your run speed.

The higher level progression from 15 to 20 is not the best for Iconics. A progression for taking an Iconic from 15 to 20 will follow at a later date.

Korthos: Is it worth it?  This depends on a number of factors. If you are starting at level one with no gems to push you to 3 or so then yes. The quests are very quick and the Korthos story line is one of the best in the game.  Many gamers say that Misery’s Peak is their favorite quest in the game and a first run on BB Elite can net over 5k xp. If your toon is only on a second or third life or if it is not very well equipped for lower levels than this can help a little. Another gain for running Korthos is that it can help you with Coin Lord favor and get you those precious inventory slots faster.

Apart from the reasons listed above Korthos is not a part of the quickest way to level and after a few TR lives you will be able to move past it and move on to the level 2 quests in the harbor right away.

Starting at level 2 -3. All are on Elite unless additional runs are noted

Information is key – e,h,n

Haverdasher – House K favor

Dirks – Super quick with a nice Xp reward. Best if you have at least two who can split.  Unless you don’t have a muckbane and really want one then the optional is not worth it.


Lost Tome (Formerly the Lighthouse, now by Nyx) – If you have the Intelligence to do the runes you can do this without any kills and get a bonus to your XP

Stealthy Repo

New Ringleader – NO optionals. Run it straight through and over the box wall and get the doors open and then finish it up. GREAT XP  e,h,n

Gamblers Den – super fast

Sunken Sewer – Marketplace

Missing in Action – Marketplace

Take Level 5

Waterworks – all

Catacombs – all

Shanta-Kor – all

Tangleroot Gorge – Level 3 quests ( Or save and do the whole chain at 6)

Take 6

Proof is in the Poison – Tough one – only if you are ready to solo it or if you have a party, ran right and quick this is a HUGE xp gain at this level

Tangleroot Gorge – level 4 quest (Or save entire chain for later)

Freshen the air

Depths Chain – all 4

Irestone Inlet – this starts your Three Barrel Cove saga

By this time you should have all of your Coin Lord favor and both new inventory tabs

Take 7

The house K low level quests – all 4

Tangleroot Gorge – entire chain or whatever you have left

Three Barrel Cove – all heroic quests except Scoundrel’s run.

Tomb of the Immortal Heart – if you have a partner or group

Bloody crypt – If you have an opener it is good for up to four runs

Take 8-9

Delaras Chain – entire chain

Sentinels Chain – All

Gwylans stand – long but if you have a trapper for the +30% bonus its well worth it


Tear of Dhakan – This is the farm for this leveling area – no optionals unless you already have a group that can split and do them. Otherwise run it straight through – e,h,n

ToEE Part one

Take 10

Xorian Cypher – If you have a partner or group. This can be a tough one so be ready, trapper is a bonus

Spies in the House

Stormcleave Outpost

Von 1

Von 2

Necro 2 – All four to flag for Shadow Crypt

Shadow Crypt – Best xp farm in the game

Take 11

Von 3 & 4

Fathom The Depths

Claw of Vulkoor

Shadow Crypt Farm

Take 12

Von 5&6 – if you can catch one available or do in guild

Ataraxia quests – Reclamation and Skyros Jewel

You should have your House K favor and both bank pages now

Take 13

Purge the fallen shrine

Wiz King – e, h,n

Offering of Blood

Dreams of insanity – if you know it well

Hiding in Plain Sight – if you know it well this is super fast and great xp

Take 14

First Attack on Stormreach chain – the free to play ones

Relic of a Sovereign Past, fast if no optional and diplo end fight

Second Attack on StormReach chain – All

Take 15

Gianthold – All quests including TOR on Elite and turn in Saga.

Giant hold  – All quests and TOR on hard for saga if needed (only needed if you missed some stuff or just didn’t want to run something)

New Amrath chain – all

Take 16  The next quests will land you at either 17 or 18

Necro 4 – All quests

Litany of the Dead – Only if you need it. It is a great xp farm but the pieces can be hard to get and if you don’t need the xp then save them for a later life

Harbinger of Madness Chain – all

Free to play Shadowfell quests – all three.  Shadow of a Doubt can be invised in only a few minutes for great xp per minute and has a chance to land you a Green Ioun Stone  The other two can be slow due to high mob hit points. If your dps is low skip or group up to do these.

Wheloon Quests – All (Optional)

Level 18

Vale Flagging Quests – Great xp and you flag for Shroud – the xp is really strong here and hard to beat at this level.

Sane Asylum – High Level Farm – e,h,n,n. Great xp/min if you know the path and can do the puzzle.

Amrath quests – if needed or you don’t want to do vale ( they are much more difficult than Vale)

Level 19

Stormhorns – all if needed.

IQ Quests – If you need favor or are looking for Ioun Stones

High Road Quests – These are really poor xp but do offer a chance at exceptional Heroic level loot

Take 20

Wrap up sagas

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