Requested: Melee warlock for morninglord past life

All of my warlocks have been pure, even my melee builds. Here we’ll see how to get the most out of it when locked into 1 cleric level.

Single weapon fighting warlock using aura and bursts. Pact is free choice, the pact portion of Eldritch Blast (EB) is not a major focus since DCs will not be maxxed and enlightened spirit (ES) brings light damage to the EB, so fey is an option for leap or fiend for hurl, old one for knock, whatever. Choose alignment accordingly; I recommend true neutral if you plan to do epic reincarnations to allow options.

18 warlock with 2 cleric. (optional 1clr/1ftr, if you find the ap is too tight and the tier2 cleric enhancements not worth it. I’m leaning this way now that I’ve written it up)

Stat priority: pretty even need for str/con/cha, con is tough since elf, any extra in int for skills (min 12). Get enough dex to get precision with tomes, with good tomes this is not much.

Example: for 36 pt with at least +3 dex tome: 16 str, 10 dex, 16 con, 12 int, 8 wis, 14 cha

option here to trade 2 con for 2 cha and 2 int.

Leveling breakdown by class:

Level one is locked at cleric. Might as well do level 2 cleric if doing 18/2 so you don’t mess up later. If doing 18/1/1 do cleric at 1 and fighter at 16 for the BAB to take GSWF as your fighter feat.

Feats: 1 single weapon fighting (SWF), 3 Maximize, 6 Empower, 9 Improved SWF, 12 Quicken, 15 Improved critical x (x depends on what gear you have, likely piercing  or slashing), 18 Greater SWF, 21 Epic EB, 24 Overwhelming Crit, 26 Epic Arcane EB, 27 Precision, 28 Ruin or elusive.

If doing fighter optional: GSWF moves to 16 as fighter bonus, and pick up extend.


1 jump, false life

2 invisibilty, blur (prot from energy)

3 DDoor, displacement

4 Evard’s, free choice

5 tenser’s, free choice

6 free choice

Skills: need enough balance for GSWF, spellcraft for EB damage, UMD can be kinda low priority since warlock is cha class and gets +10 from granted feats.

Priority: Balance 7+ for SWF > Spellcraft > Perform if Fey > UMD

I also like to put in search for finding doors, but totally optional.


must haves are brilliance, eldritch burst and spirit blast, shining through, utterdark blast.


ES: 37 AP.

Cores through the level 18. (5)

Spiritual retribution line (12)

Resilience of body (1) just to get tier 2

Resist energy (1) the cost reduction is not worth more ap. If you have resist gear skip it.

Shield (2)

Stats as desired (0-4)

Power of enlightenment (+) As needed to unlock tiers

Eldritch burst (3)

Brilliance (2)

Shining through (2)

Spirit blast (3)

Beacon (2)

Divine Disciple: 11 AP

Core 1 light type (1)

light spell power (6)

light critical (4)

Warpriest: 4AP

core (1)

divine might (3)

Tainted Scholar (TS): remainder AP

Core 1,3,6,12, (18 optional)

feigned health (3)

Pact Die (up to 8)

Utterdark Blast (2)

eldritch chain (2)

Stats (0-4)

Confusion (3) prereq

Bewitching Blast (3) 10% passive confusion goes off a lot

Wand/Scroll mastery (3)

If Fighter option: trade points from tier2 DD for haste boost in kensei.


Not making use of ML racial tree since the warlock trees are just so strong. You may decide to skimp some in TS, if you feel it’s worth it.

Run utterdark all the time so that base EB and light boosts are on the same spell power.

At heroic levels can use a caster stick and just go full caster. At higher heroics/epics can use an orb, lantern ring, or sages helm for radiance spell power / crit chance, allowing full choice of weaponry.

Eldritch Burst and spirit blast are your major source of DPS.

Can swap from melee/burst to chain pew-pew-pew in tough areas where ranged is desired. Note: aura is off when ranging.

The aura buffs a small temp hp all the time. Shining through for big temp hp. False life with feigned health also a small boost. Cocoon/heal scrolls as needed.

Not built around an ED, but works very well with divine crusader.

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