Reaper TR path

Big changes in TR-ing for the post reaper era and the racial past life era. With new content and an added focus on getting reaper xp at the same time as racial past lives a lot has changed. A lot of those quests that just didn’t bring enough xp are worth running for the rxp and big first time bonus. A lot of stuff you ran over and over you run once and move on.

I’m assuming you’ve looked at the old guide here, so I’m going to highlight the changes as we go through the new path.

Biggest Change is: we don’t want to be running quests at base level +2 anymore as that is a big -50% multiplicative loss in reaper xp. Multiplicative means you actually get 1/2 the reaper xp not a reduction of 1/2 of the base. We want to run at base level or at most 1 over which carries only a 20% penalty.

Korthos is even less desirable as it is not reaper capable. So really only recommended for the truly new character.

You still want to save your daily/weekly roll xp gems to get to level 2 fast. Slight change here, you are not aiming to start at 3 anymore. You want to start at 2 and get lots of reaper xp starting in the harbor.

We will assume one run on reaper for any quest and then move on. We also assume you bank exp until you have to level or have run everything at level. Quests marked with a K are not recommended to be skipped as they give House Kundarak favor required for bank slots, those with a CL give Coin Lord favor for inventory space. Free-to-play marked with F.

Level 2: We have a path we follow based largely on location of quest entrances. All F.

Information is Key >> Haverdasher K >> Dirk’s got a secret >> Garrison’s Pack CL >> Lost Tome CL >> Butcher’s Path >> New Ringleader CL >> Bringing the Light (aka Gambler’s Den). Finish level 2 in the market with: Sunken Sewer CL >> Missing in Action CL

I don’t do Baudry’s chain as it’s now only 1/3 reaper capable, the smuggler’s warehouse I just don’t like as it can seem long and annoying finding the gems, Stealthy Repo is just too risky to sneak on reaper.

3: We often don’t do many level 3 quests with those shiny reaper points waiting to be spent at 4. Water works part 1 CL  F >> part  2 CL  F >> take 4. Can Sample from shan-to-kor or catacombs if you want to wait before leveling, the first two catacombs are particularly fast.

Tangleroot is out, as it’s not reaper capable.

4: Water Works 3 and 4 CL  F>> Partial or complete Sharn chain CL, recommended trapper for full >> Irestone Inlet CL F we’re planning to do 3bc saga so don’t skip this one >> Depths chain F house D with 4 quick quests it’s a nice boost to Rxp. By this time you probably have to take 5.

**A note on reaper experience at this point. RXP base =50+(3*skull*base level) With a large base xp and skull scaling dependant on quest level, at low levels you should just be running R1 if it takes any longer to run higher skull. Once you can do 3s without slowing down you might as well do it, but it’s a very small increase at low levels. As you get into mid levels it starts being more worthwhile to push some skulls if you want rxp more than a faster TR. I usually start pushing around level 6-8**

5: Lair of summoning K F>> Chamber of Insanity K F>> Head to 3BC (three barrel cove) At some point here you will have to level: guard duty >> Fire Caverns 1 (Brood of flame) recall & turn-in >> Fire caverns 2 (stones run red) >> Two-toed >> Prove your worth >> Ghost of a Chance >> Garl 1 recall & turn-in >> Garl 2

6: Even if over level go back and hit these: Forgotten Caverns K F >> Ruined Halls K F >> you  can do any random stuff at 5 or 6 that you like, but not needed like: carnival, necro 1, caged trolls F, mira’s F, dead predators F, purge the heretics F, redwillow F, delera part 1.

7: Time to finish that 3BC saga. bargain of blood >> black loch >> storm the beaches >> tide turns, saga. >> Tear of Dhakaan K F >> probably ready to level but can carry on with: Pit F >> Gwylan’s F >>  Delera 2/3/4

8: Von1 Tharashk Arena K >> von2 the Prisoner K >> Xorian F requires partner and hires to hit 4 floor plates >> shadow tombs ok xp but mostly to flag crypt. Slaver’s is 8, but very tough if not on the right build.

Threnal’s poor level divide was already bad with BB, even more compounded by rxp penalties for overlevel.

9: Von 3 Jungle of Khyber K >> von4 Haywire K >>Fathom the depths K >> Shadow Crypt. Lots of 8 and 9 you can throw in if you really like them. F staples like stormcleave and stromvauld’s mine.

10: Ravenloft comes in at this level. If you need gear run it all, if you have gear the first 3 are still worth doing. Only thing I regularly ran at 10 pre-ravenloft is Ataraxia K F. If you just get lucky you might get a Von raid in, but don’t waste time waiting for one. The reason you bank levels is to skip past 10.

11: start Sands: fallen shrine >> physician >> astrologer >> offering of blood. Dreams of insanity F if you like it.

12: Wiz king >> Relic of Sov Past F >> Invaders F >> Dip impunity F CL >> Framework F CL >> Eyes of Stone F CL

13: Memoir F >> If you have evasion can do archon chain, if not don’t even try >> Giant Hold (GH) >> Summerfield CL >> blockade buster CL >> siegebreaker CL >> mired in kobolds F

14: Finish GH saga>> Necro 4 >> Devils (again only if you have evasion) **14 is the max level to enter slavers on reaper if you are farming gear**

15: Litany is now a real option every life with the permanent sigil change! >> Disciples of shadow, at least part 3, all if saga. The first 2 are F >> Harbinger of madness >> Search and rescue F >> Mines of Tethyamyr

16: Lords of dust chain F mainly for access to Eveningstar >> Vale of twilight, whatever you like can skip it all if burned out >> Wheloon, I like to run all of these for saga

At this point we’re usually excited about our next builds and drop back to R1 or 2 for fast completions.

17: Druids Deep for saga >> Sane asylum >> lord of stone >> Good intentions F

18: Highroad for saga >> palace of stone >> optional: some inspired quarter quests (IQ)

19: Stormhorns >> the riddle >> murder by night. Turn in sagas. >> Sins of attrition >> more IQ

More than enough exp is listed. Pick and choose what you like to run and skip things that your build won’t beat, looking at you abishai heavy content. If some content has loot you need, run it. If it’s too hard… run it at BB level instead of base. Content like mines, devils, archons, ravenloft, ToEE, and slaver’s might fall into this category.

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