Freefalling Day One Part 2

A few notes from our first day on free to play first life toons.

1 Don’t expect to spot, search out or disable every trap you think is there. even if you find it, your hands and fingers are likely get burned and charred when the trapbox blows up in your face. Make a point to look for any +1 trap gear you or your party finds in chests and end rewards.

2 Take the time to get the good gear in Korthos. Its actually really important for the next few levels if you get the right items.  First on the list is two pair of Angers Step Boots for the run speed. Next on the list is the feather fall cloak with that wonderful clickie of feather fall. While you can play without it its a real quality of life issue. Third. Put together the right set for your build. The set bonuses are actually pretty stout for the level. The trappers set for example gets you + three to trap skills  and the other sets are also useful for getting through harbor quests and into better gear.

3 If you are playing a rogue don’t jump right into your assassin or super cool knife build. At levels one through 3 put your first 4 to 8 points of AP into the Acrobat tree and max out your attack speed with a staff. After that you are hitting like a fighter and can hold on your own. around level four or so make the transition into your build. Until then swing a big stick and your life is MUCH easier.

4 The story line in Korthos is some of the best in the game and the characters you meet out there are present throughout the game. Enjoy the setting and move one to the harbor when you are ready. NOT before you are ready.

More to come from both of us as we work our way through this Life. Including info and tips on maximizing your XP and what gear to be looking for.

Day Two

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