Freefalling Day two

Ran through some more levels 2s. gambler’s den > ringleader > Baudry chain > Garrison > Butcher’s. Took level 4. No issues yet.

I finally got an ok great axe and got rid of my grotto axe. Got a sheltering helm so I’m over 30 ppr and mrr running in defender. Hanging on to a fortification half plate, but it’s ML 5. Looking into what I can do with cannith crafting with no skills going in, but hoarding plat atm to get medium bags. That got me thinking about collectibles, and I picked up some lesser restoration potions from Goldscuttle.

May have to go back and farm some exp in ringleader if we want to be 5 going into the level 3s.

Next time we play it should get interesting when we get to champions. We just have two level twos left to run as we plan to skip Stealthy repo. I just don’t have the UMD yet for invis scrolls and haven’t found any potions. An easy stealthy repo run takes me at least 2 invis, I’ll have to double check if any vendors have those pots.

Looking at my enhancements I’m thinking I could be doing better in vanguard at this level, but I already took the THF feat and am getting 6 str in defender so maybe a wash on offense.

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