Freefalling Day 3

We finished up the level 2s in the marketplace. As expected, we had to run a few extra ringleaders to get to level 5. We took 5 and headed to the cerulean hills for captives and Nash’s farm.

Got a few small random loot upgrades. Got a couple of vorpals in end rewards, but nothing in our weapon focuses. I did get a returning thrower for hitting switches and such.

We did Kobold assault which neither of us had done in along time, got a lot of prayer beads that will mostly go to goldscuttle for lesser restores.

I leveled up some in cannith crafting to about 35. In range to make a bunch of useful gear but actually crafting is limited by collectibles. If I do make something it will have to be super useful for the cost. I did make some petrify runestones since they only take fragments and played with those a bit. The lesser ones have a DC of 24 which is basically no fail at this level. Arrows/bolts are also cheaply made and a rogue mech with fletching could get a nice little boost with special ammo.

We’re still doing ok in elite though there were some close calls with me dumping multiple LoH at Dubb when we met a particularly nasty champ. I’m casting a lot of cure spells and need to keep my eyes open for a devotion item to stretch my efficiency… and a wizardry item too for more sp.

We’re looking at running Redfang and Swiped Signet next which are both long without great exp rewards. Following those up with water works and see where we end up.


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