Freefalling Day One

We rolled up our characters and showed up in Korthos skipping the grotto to get grouping right away. Dubb quickly found that his level 1 Rogue could not do much on elite even in Korthos. On a THF human pally sporting cleave at level 1 I had no problems. Pretty typical for a new character, … More Freefalling Day One

Reaper TR path

Big changes in TR-ing for the post reaper era and the racial past life era. With new content and an added focus on getting reaper xp at the same time as racial past lives a lot has changed. A lot of those quests that just didn’t bring enough xp are worth running for the rxp … More Reaper TR path

Manyshot Change

TL:DR version. MS only:Full time archer got buffed. Some extreme examples lost burst damage, high RP builds with low DS. At 35DS and 28BAB you get the same number of hits over 2minutes but more RP during MS, so numbers slightly below may still be ahead. MS and 10k: Monkchers are still ahead of pure … More Manyshot Change

Planning a TR

Don’t do it when you’re tired!!! Especially to an iconic where you may mess up 15 levels and be locked in to leveling to cap. Have your stats and feats mapped out before you reincarnate. Make sure you have the stats and BAB for the feats you want at the level you plan to take. … More Planning a TR